Kathleen Morgan


Kathleen believes in preservation’s capacity to bring communities together and build a sense of pride. For her, craftsmanship, durable, locally-sourced materials, and good design distinguish historic buildings, and she appreciates when these qualities are incorporated in contemporary design.

After graduating from the University of Mary Washington, Kathleen worked for Historic Richmond where she advocated for Richmond’s many historic neighborhoods. She learned the ropes of local government as Preservation Planner and then Zoning Administrator for the City of Petersburg. Kathleen served on Petersburg’s Architectural Review Board and Board of Zoning Appeals. As a project manager with Sadler & Whitehead, Kathleen enjoys helping clients with projects across the state. Her precision—she’s our own Ernest Hemingway—and insight are legendary!

Kathleen loves walking Harry, a friendly retriever-Rottweiler mix, through her historic Jackson Ward Neighborhood.

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